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 We can mix and play songs, so if it's a 21st birthday or a club or just a fun bar attmosphere you are looking for........ we have everything for your venue

Professionally mix music (includes scratching, effects and tricks).

Confident mic user able to stir and enchant people (includes shout-outs, club / bar drinks promoting).

With a renowned reputation for versatility, Shoreline DJ is one of few DJ's that mixes such a wide variety of genres.  I am new to the St Petersburg area and I am looking to build back a GREAT local group of people.


We are the premier provider of music. Our goal is to provide the very best in entertainment for your bar/club. Our goal is to always deliver a professional, experienced, reliable and energetic performance. We have been DJ'ing in St. Petersburg, Tampa & all of South West Florida for years and we WANT you, our valued customer, to be happy.

Here is a list of our services.

All Bar/Club DJ services includes:

Unlimited time frame
Correct DJ attire
Wireless microphone &
light show, including lasers & fogg
Free Set-up and tear down
Unlimited personal consultations if needed


On top of being a great DJ service, we help promote your business at the same time with our FaceBook page or a personal webpage that I will put tpgether for your.  This will be done at no extra cost to you. We are completely digital with a camera, video & Laptops at every show. Usually by the next day, pictures of your bar/club and customers having fun will be uploaded to our FaceBook site or we can provide them to your webmaster also.

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Bar Themes:

Many people love theme parties, whether it be for the opportunity to dress up in costume or to do something out of the ordinary. Hosting theme nights is a great way to get some publicity and to drive some extra business to your bar. The ideas for theme parties are endless, but there are definitely some old standbys that seem to always be successful.

80's Party


Celebrate one of the most colorful decades by throwing a party totally dedicated to the '80s. Many people in their 20s and 30s grew up in this era, and these are the people who are most often frequenting bars. Turn off the Top 40 music for one night and go back in time with some great '80s music compilations. People should be urged to dress appropriately, in leg warmers, side pony tails, acid-washed denim and hair-band T-shirts. Serve up novelty candy favors like Pop Rocks, Chiclets and other decade favorites. Name specialty drinks after TV shows that were popular during the decade.

Toga party:

Grab a sheet and get ready to dance the night away Roman style. Toga themed bar parties have always been popular, and it's an inexpensive theme. Sheets are the costumes, either by themselves or over regular clothes. Pass out head wear decorated with flowers. Set up a photo scene with a Roman backdrop for toga pictures. Decorate the backs of chairs with white, gold and black balloons. Make cardboard Roman columns and drape them in gold tinsel. Drink specials should have a Toga themed name.For example, "nectar of the gods" could be a citrus drink or peach schnapps.

Activities for the Toga bar party could include a best toga contest, a raffle using tickets with Roman numerals or a game to add the most olives to a martini from across the room.

Disco Party:

Disco ballGet ready to shake your groove thing with a disco-themed bar party. Disco was king in the 70's, so ask people to wear 70's-style fashions. Play disco's greatest music hits and give awards to the best dancers of the Robot, the Freak and the Bump, all popular dances then. Almost every bar then had a disco ball, so be sure to get one for this disco themed bar party as well. They are sold in novelty shops. Offer a buffet of finger foods.

Decorate with black lights, bead curtains, balloons and strobe lights. Have a contest where people dress as 70's disco celebrities and give "I survived the 70's" shirts to the winners.

Other theme ideas

Luau party (Hawaiian),

Disco night,

Costume Party,

Rock around the clock night,

Western night,

Casino night,

Hollywood (Dress up like a celebrity)

Sports night,

Pyjama party,

Sci-Fi night,

Caveman night,

Greek mythology night,

Fairy tails,

Black and white party,

Arabian nights,

Mask party,

Under the sea,

Support our troops ( take up donations to send to our troops over seas)

Crazy hat nights

80’s night

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