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Although it may not be on top of your priority list, choosing a Wedding DJ may be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your special wedding day.

A Wedding DJ is only a small percent of the wedding budget, but are responsible for about 75% of your wedding days success. We need to remember that the last thing that people see and hear is the Wedding DJ. With all of this in mind, your Wedding DJ is responsible for a large impression of your wedding reception's success.The Wedding Ceremony is for the Bride to be the center of attention, but the reception is to thank your family and friends for witnessing your marriage vows, and as such, your focus should be on how to make the party enjoyable of those in attendance.

Shoreline DJ provides the positive catalyst for your party, skillfully selected and played music will add the important "FEEL GOOD" element that helps everyone interact, rekindle relationships faded by time and to form new friendships. Music is relaxing, exciting, romantic, and inspirational. Dancing keeps everyone at your event longer and contributes greatly to your guest's enjoyment.